S&P Dow Jones Indices Consultation on Fast Track Entry of IPOs in the Dow Jones Global Indices

Open for comment until Jul 03, 2019

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S&P DJI makes responses to consultations externally available upon request with redacted individual and company names unless requested to be confidential.

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1. Do you agree with the proposed change to the criteria for fast track IPO additions?

2. If the proposed criteria for fast track IPO additions is adopted, where should the minimum FMC threshold be set for fast track additions?

3. If the proposed criteria for fast track IPO additions is adopted, S&P DJI will verify that the fast track conditions have been met after the close on the first day of trading. How much lead time should be provided to clients after S&P DJI announces that the IPO is eligible for fast track addition?

4. Do you have any other comments or feedback regarding the proposed changes outlined above?

Please be advised that all comments from this consultation will be reviewed and considered before a final decision is made; however, S&P DJI makes no guarantee nor is under any obligation to comply with any of the responses. The survey may result in no changes or outcome of any kind. If S&P DJI decides to change the index methodology, an announcement will be posted on our website.

For more information or to participate via email, please contact us at index_services@spglobal.com

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