S&P DJI is committed to continuous engagement and cooperation with our regulatory stakeholders. Our internal processes, policies and procedures are aligned with industry best practices as well as rules and regulations impacting our business.

Supplemental Data

S&P DJI provides supplemental data to assist licensees in complying with their respective regulatory transparency requirements for investment products. This data can be accessed below based on the country or region to which it pertains.

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IOSCO Principles for Financial Benchmarks

  • The IOSCO Principles for Financial Benchmarks articulate policy guidance and principles for benchmark-related activities.

    Adherence Review

    Reasonable assurance examination of S&P DJI’s adherence statement performed by an internationally recognized independent accounting and professional services firm


Benchmark Regulation

  • European Union

The EU Benchmark Regulation applies to the use of, provision of, and contribution to indices used as financial benchmarks in the EU. Learn more about the regulation as it relates to S&P DJI through the following resources.

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