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Index Data and Licensing

Access data on thousands of indices in various levels of sophistication and complexity. Our packages are designed for a variety of applications, including

  • Benchmarking

  • Monitoring manager performance

  • In-house asset management

  • Passive replication

You can access our index, constituent, and corporate-action level data through multiple data delivery platforms, including leading third-party providers.

Custom Index Solutions

We offer a variety of solutions that allow you to fine-tune or custom-design an index to meet your specific mandate:

  • Custom Slice and Dice: Tailor an S&P DJI index by filtering for region, size or sector, excluding individual stocks or sectors, applying social or religious screens, or adopting alternate weighting methods.

  • Custom Hybrid: Apply your methodology to an S&P DJI index or universe, or use our index levels as inputs.

  • Custom White Label: Create a wholly proprietary index based on your methodology.

Why S&P DJI?

  • Broad Market Coverage

    We cover every major asset class and segment our broad benchmarks to enable consistent tracking across countries, regions, sectors, and size segments.

  • Independence

    We avoid conflicts of interest in benchmark determinations and adhere to IOSCO Principles on Financial Benchmarks.

  • Transparency

    Our policies, procedures, and index methodologies are readily available on our public website.

  • Sophisticated Methodologies

    Our advanced approaches are backed by academic research and our deep market knowledge.

  • Wide Recognition

    Our name is recognized and trusted for our long legacy of reliably measuring the markets.

Key Indices

Additional Resources

  • Research

    Access original research on market behavior and trends, and strategic index applications.

  • Market Dashboards

    Download monthly performance reports that provide snapshots of global markets and asset classes.

  • SPIVA®

    Find out how active managers are performing against their benchmarks around the world in various time horizons globally.

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